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If you're looking for the finest custom aluminum dog crates out there, you just came to the right site.  Pictures barely describe the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that we put into every custom dog crate we build.  Whether you're looking for custom dog crates to contain your Police K9 or Schutzhund dog, or just want your canine riding in the ultimate in safety and style, we have the dog crate for you.  Click on "PRODUCTS" to put your dog in the ultimate custom dog crate.  
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Recent Kustom Krates Customer
:We just completed the installation on the six double kennel systems in our unmarked Tahoes. These systems replaced the original single dog systems you originally built for us. Although these systems were six years old and had each been installed in at least two cars, they were still in perfect working condition and have already been "Repurposed". A testament to your quality workmanship.
During the design of our new kennel systems, your help, expertise and attitude about making sure we got what we wanted was phenomenal.
These kennels had to not only be designed to fit in the Tahoe with the most room in each kennel for the dogs, but you also had to engineer the system so that it could be installed. No small accomplishment and our County Installers are still amazed at how you made the absolute most of available space. We told you the front of the kennels needed to be "blacked out" for surveillance reasons. I suggested spraying them with bedliner material. Out of concern for our dogs, you would not use that material, but came up with the solution of powder coating the fronts and doors. Wow, they came out awesome and no concerns about the dogs ingesting anything harmful.
The fit and finish of these systems is nothing short of a quality car finish. We could not be happier.
You run your business and treat your customers with the professionalism of a large company while showing the care and concerns for your customers like a "mom n pop" company. You are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend you to anyone that needs a quality kennel system,

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