Patrol Dog Insert   
$2795.00 plus shipping for Tahoe & Explorer

Finally!  A Kustom Krate Patrol Dog Insert for your SUV.  Set up your 07/08 Tahoe, Ford Expedition, Explorer, or Ford Escape (and Hybrid) for rapid deployment of your K9 with our new Police K9 Insert.  No skid surface, stainless steel water bucket, and our indestructible construction come standard.  Includes slider front door for front seat access.  Mounting platform bolts directly to the existing seat mounts in the Vehicle.  This unit can be removed in less than 20 minutes to allow for thorough cleaning of your SUV.

Now scroll down to see how you can build what we call  "The System"!

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THE SYSTEM ! Click here to see a video of "The System".

This is the setup every K9 handler dreams of.  Our patrol dog insert AND massive amounts of storage through the rear hatch.  You can even carry a second dog in the rear cargo area.  Add storage or additional crates as your needs require.  This is the ultimate Police K9 insert.  Lock your guns, ammo, training aids, and other valuable gear in a box that's strong and secure.  Everything is organized and easy to get to when needed.

This is where it all starts. Your Kustom Krates SUV Insert with the extended rear platform. Now you decide what you need to carry with you on the job.


Let's start with our popular "K9 Special".  Here's a unit that allows you to carry your second dog in the rear cargo area and have our awesome two drawer side equipment box to lock your gear in.  Large upper storage area to put ice chests or large gear bags.

Here's a look at our fantastic "K9 Extreme" facing the rear cargo hatch. This adds two lower equipment box drawers to your already awesome setup. Customize your dividers to carry guns, ammo, or any other gear you need to organize. These drawers lock with padlocks.  This is incredible!
No second dog, no problem!  Lot's of gear to carry, no problem!  Here's our "Crime Fighter" unit attached to the back of our patrol dog insert. No way you can fill all these drawers. Check out the size of the drawer on the upper right side.  That drawer is huge!  Heavy duty drawer slides carry all the weight you want to haul.  All drawers sprayed with bed liner to seal everything up.  This is where the buck stops.