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This is a crate set-up you'll be proud to show off.
SUV's & Mini Vans
 Click here to see a video of "The SportMaster".
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Honda Pilot.   This has become an extremely popular dog vehicle. Small enough to get good fuel ecomomy, but large enough to hold two large Shepherds or Malinois.  It's a tight fit, but that's my specialty.  Call me about what type of vehicle I recommend for your size dogs.    $2948.00 including the angled sides.

Mercedes ML series with our great two dog setup. Sides slightly angled for a great fit. Don't let your dog eat your interior. A set of Kustom Krates is much less expensive.

Twin Rider custom sized for your dog 
Shown here with sprayed insides (black) and sprayed Roofs (Tan) and with no lower tray

Suburban model #1002(X2) & #2001
Put a crate setup in the back that looks like a million bucks.  
Two stackables, equipment box, and our unique latch system for easy removal.     
Three piece setup runs $4493.00

Mercedes ML 350 This custom side door crate sits in the back of the new Mercedes Benz ML series sport utility. We built this unit with an angled back that matches the rear seat and angled sides to fit through the rear hatch.

Why would you have any other brand of crate in your Mercedes? Kustom Krates is the Benz of Crates!

Toyota FJ Cruiser with our standard side door crate. Fit's like a glove.  Go 4-wheeling with your dog and keep him safe in the process.  Standard size on this crate is 24" deep, 36" wide, and 28" tall. $1249.00

Chevy Traverse
Electric rear hatch - no problem!  This double set-up is customized with special cutout and angled sides to accomodate the electric hatch opener.  Crates also have angled backs to allow the rear seats to stay upright.     

SportMaster  This Toyota Sienna is a very popular dog van and we have just the setup.  How about two dogs and a lower two drawer equipment box to hold all your gear.  We also offer a very trick platform to hold the unit in place and level with the rear hatch opening. $4895.00 (shown with optional leash hooks)

* Click here to see a video of "The SportMaster".

How Trick do you want to get. A Honda Element with a two dog setup and an extra large two drawer lower equipment box. Angled side windows and one crate wider than the other. Dream it up and we can build it.

Stack & Latch  Roll your mouse over the picture at left to see how you can stack and latch your crates to one of our incredibly useful equipment boxes.
Two kennel setup with latch system: $2498.00.  
Equipment Box: $1995.00.

Angled To Fit  We can angle the front, back, or sides of your Kustom Krate so that it fits in your vehicle like a glove. Great for SUVs where you want to keep your back seat up and still have full size crates.
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Vehicles we have built crates for include: Dodge Durango, Subaru Forester, Toyota 4-Runner, Sienna, FJ Cruiser, Honda Pilot, Odyssey, Ford Expedition, Explorer, and Escape, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Tahoe, Traverse, and many more.
Kustom Krates® (512) 272-9651